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Jonathan, CA

by Long Conversations

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released October 24, 2013

Olaf Caarls: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Edoardo Felici: electric guitar
Bastiaan Tichler: bass guitar
Max Anglionin: drums
Sergio Escoda: piano, wurlitzer, hammond
Pieter van Vliet (aka Port of Call): trombone, trumpet, tuba, backing vocals
Merel Moelker: backing vocals
Mart van Hamersveld: backing vocals, percussion

Produced by Jochem de Jong and Mart van Hamersveld
Mixed by Mart van Hamersveld
Mastered by Jochem de Jong

Artwork by Siebe Bluijs.

Recorded at: M17 studios, some office in Haarlem, some apartment in Leiden.

Our parents (for done raising good boys), Cindy, Cecilia, Niki, Jonathan, Milou, Harmen, Case, Marcel B., Rob M., Peter V., WW, Kira, I-House Berkeley -- and to anyone and everyone we may have forgotten but who have shared and supported our music and the making of this record: thank you.


all rights reserved



Long Conversations Leiden, Netherlands

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Track Name: Best Century
This is the greatest state of all

This is the best century I’ve ever seen, my friends,

In a million years

I’ll hide your headaches if you buy the drinks

meet down by the Ocean

‘Cause now you’ve got your names

out there

what are we

gonna do when they tell you:

You know I love you so

Hold out, the avenues will come

Hold out, the avenues will stretch out like our summer vacations

1992, oh God, we gotta run

To hide in chains, from every future

son who claims

“It’s coming down, man,

There’s nothing to go back to now

Just know I love you so”

This is the greatest state of all,

this is the best century I’ve ever seen, my friends

in a million years

I’ll buy your headaches if you hide the drinks

Let’s meet down by the Ocean

‘cause now you’ve got your names duly shared

what are we gonna do when I tell you
Track Name: Jonathan
Light her up, now, that’s your girl; she’s got her eyes on you. But, Jonathan, you’re not a boy, I know you’ve wanted to give your father some peace, give your father some peace. I’ve seen his hands tremble when he’s talking to me. My eyes sing like honey bees. Your eyes sting like honey.

Just like honey.

I love it when you’re angry with me; it means I mean something to you. I love it when you’re angry with me; it means that you still care. My eyes sting like honey bees, you’re eyes, sting like honey. My eyes sting like honey bees; your eyes sting like you’re not a boy.

You're not a boy.
Track Name: Come In Out
Come in,

out the shadow of this lock

this house holds only promise

that’s enough

they say they’ll end this

war with guns

bought with your labor

and shipped to their suns

this war’s not private

it’s not final

this war’s not waged in every street

and if you think you should

be forgiven

seek forgiveness

from your kids

and I

I won’t be waiting

to shoot down

shoot down the dream

that Wilfred Owen

was an Arab

who cut his lines like trenches deep

and how he roamed

your towns at night and

smashed in skulls on curbs

every street

and I

I would be forgiving

I’d wait

to shoot down the dream

the dream

the dream
Track Name: Different Way to Fall
For nights of broken glass and light,

I might as well

have gone outside

and walked the avenues and streets

hoping there’d be someone I should meet

Cause if it breaks down, like a

summer rain

how’d you know that

I’d be back again

and is that what you want?

is that what you want?

cause that is not a plan at all

that’s just a different way to fall

so drag me inside and tie me down

and know that I would still want you around

and if we’ll never leave this town

know I’m happy just to

be bound

to everything I know and

everything you’d want

no this night it will not

see the end of us

‘less that’s what you want

is that what you want?

‘cause that is not a plan at all

It’s just a different way to fall.
Track Name: Lily Josephine
Lily Josephine, the queen of Spring

and always hand in hand

with her bonnie king

and how his how his father watched as

you would make his porch your own

Lily Josephine the sky in flames

he let you run a marathon

your shirt a chain as it wrapped

itself ‘round your legs and

you collapsed in morning dew

and home is cold-eyed stares

and “where you been?”

and vow to never tell

but keep running

Lily Josephine our Summer’s come

let’s push back all our memories

‘nto evenin suns and let’s not

publish diaries or

work on eulogies just yet

and home is now just three stones

and four names

where rows

of old men sigh and leave

and I watch you cry on a westbound train


don’t know if you know just what I know

that the undertaker’s so slow

it might just take a while to get home

it might just take a while to die.
Track Name: We Built a Fire
Where the train tracks

softly bend to find

those bright city lights

moving slowly

we built a fire

on a summer night

till the police came

and left us smiling

in the trench where all of us were stars

we dared to dream like we'd never done before

‘cause nothing could go wrong

Evelyn, it’s not enough

to tell yourself you’re giving up

You’d do it all again

you said you’d do it all again

well so would I

so would I

Refuse to speak the longing if it hurts

I dare you to move your lips although you know it will burn

like fire on a night that won’t return

that was the plan
Track Name: Song for My Sister
You know how in summer

bats circle the house

how it’s impossible to sleep

on the landing in that heat?

so I walked to the lake and

wandered around

finally turned the

key in the lock

and lay awake until the dawn

as I waited for our brothers to come home

and I thought of our father

his second wife

who on three separate occasions

married the love of her life

but I know that she loved him

on the day that he died

and I can say in earnest

I’ve never seen no-one cry

like she did when he was gone

and I waited for our brothers to come home

I stepped on the flowers

know you would have left

had you seen the face

of the man you detest, well

inside the casket

lay nobody dead

but somebody wishing

that you would come back
Track Name: Carnation Lake
For the youngest father,

scrambling across the ice

looking for his sons

It comes as no surprise

that to be a man

means to apologize

and I was making lists of things you love

when I realized that you were giving up

So I made a promise

Lake in Carnation

frozen over and dark

you spoke slowly

still tripping on your words

left silence, deadest truth

and then muttered in love

the thought that every man will hold in vain

"it’s never quite too late to change."


I made mistakes,

now let’s get on with it
Track Name: Endless Fields
It was cold in the yard

there was wind through the trees

and I left you alone

leaving what I believed

they all said you would go somewhere

but that’s not what you see now

when all this is over you’ll still

have me around

So I drowned all my luck

saw day after day

Like a sun slowly setting

I would let nothing change

but the sun it also rises

and you let the dream sink back in

and I was still young; I’d just learned how to

knock back a drink

the train riding away

is the sound of a moon

the train riding away

is the sound

of heartache

I was heart in a cage

I was walking the streets

turned left by our old school

where the trees never leaf

but grow

and it felt like you died

now a saint I could not believe

I turned into the alleys

and on

to the endless fields
Track Name: Oceans
In their own way

They lived a low life

in their own way

they took a chance

being content without contention

nameless graves

your ashtrays empty yet

never a word against me

I miss the faces of those I’ve never had the courage to go see

In your own way

you made a bold move

sleeping at my place

dreaming of your mother’s room

spending money on trains and

Paris never taught you anything

but a language that you tried

so hard to love

until I told you to give up

In our own way

we lived the sweet life

watching the paint

letting our feet dry

after walks in the rain No-

vember afternoons

you said “there’s thousands of alleys

that’ll never see our frozen breath rise

or the oceans

that separate us”
Track Name: Waves
I wish I

could tell you

that I still


The words that

I spoke on

the beach,

But tides change

and as soon,

as we turn

our backs

the wind blew

the meaning


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